People, territories and agri-food

Geographical Indications in the Socio-Economic Development of Portuguese-Speaking Countries in Africa

Alessandra Narciso

ISBN: 978-88-6995-880-9
Caratteristiche: 2021 • 17x24 cm • 96 pages • paperback binding
Collana: Territorio, cibo e cultura
Nr. nella collana: 2

Volume 9,00 8,55


This collection of essays presents topics on agri-food geographical indications (hereinafter GIs) in Portuguese-speaking African countries to further the discourse on this subject raised by the World Trade Organization’s 1995 TRIPs negotiations (Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights).

Recent developments in the system of GIs – including the EU’s accession in 2020 to the Geneva Act of the Lisbon Agreement, as well as the African Union’s 2018-2023 Continental Strategy for Geographical Indications – have brought fresh relevance to this discourse with increased attention given to many African agri-food products that could be covered by GIs protection.

Being mostly developed by small-scale value chains as collective right, GIs have the potential to protect traditional knowledge, small farmers and producers’ practices. Through document analysis and direct sources, some opportunities as well as challenges presented by GIs for the socio-economic development of Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa (i.e. Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé and Principe) are highlighted.


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Alessandra Narciso has a Dr.Phil. in intellectual property law at the University of Leeds and a professional background in international development. She is a Research Fellow at the Institute of European Mediterranean History at the National Research Council (ISEM-CNR).



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