Didactical guide on employability

A Guide for Teachers to support Master’s and PhD students preparing for successful future work in the field of Adult learning and Education

Vanna Boffo, Nicoletta Tomei

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2020 • 17x24 • 61 pagine • ebook only
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This Guide is intended to be a tool to prepare master’s and doctoral students for a successful career, supporting their employability and developing a professional pathway in adult education at national and/or international levels.

The Guide is divided into two parts – theoretical and didactical. In its theoretical part the Guide: (a) illustrates the value of storytelling for building employability; and (b) briefly introduces the concepts of employability and competence.

In its didactical part the Guide suggests reflective tools and activities through which the theories and concepts can be translated into good practices. As an aid to learning, activities representing suggestions for students’ assignments and insights, are highlighted in special boxes that can be used either with the support of academic staff or by students themselves.


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Vanna Boffo is Full Professor of General Pedagogy and Adult Education at the Department of Education, Languages, Intercultures, Literatures and Psychology of the University of Florence, Italy. She is Rector’s Delegate for Job Placement. She is President of the Master Degree Course of Study in “Adult and Continuing Education and Pedagogical Studies” and Coordinator of the Doctoral Course in Education and Psychology at the University of Florence.
Nicoletta Tomei, PhD, is teaching Special Pedagogy in a High School and she is working as researcher at the University of Florence, Italy. She is involved in fields regarding employability and transitions of the young adults from the Higher Education System towards the Labour Market, at the same time she is specialized on Guidance and Career Services.



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