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Tuscany an illustrated history

Tuscany an illustrated history

Alma Poloni, Marcello Verga, Alessandro Volpi, Massimo Dringoli, Sandro Rogari, Giuseppe Meucci

ISBN: 978-88-6315-848-9
Caratteristiche: 2015 • 16,5x21 cm • 216 pages • 180 pics • paperback with flaps
Collana: Storie Illustrate
Nr. nella collana: 29
Volume   € 22,00
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Tuscany an illustrated historyAmbitious and difficult task: to retrace and contain the millenary history of a region as Tuscany in the few pages of a book: each moment, village, city or hamlet possesses its own culture, traditions and a distinct path. The great success of this volume is to be able to grasp the shared pattern that, weaving its age-old threads, produces a beautiful and rare fabric, known worldwide for its historical, artistic and environmental marvels: Tuscany.

An «illustrated history» encompassing the spirit of a territory, to travel through its past in the light of the present and to fully understand its authentic characteristics.



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