What is Private Law?

Guido Alpa

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2022 • 17x24 cm • 160 pages • paperback binding
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The book illustrates , with a discursive tone and in a simplified manner the meaning and functions of private law: the evolution of the subject, which concerns relations between private individuals, of a personal and patrimonial nature, and relations between the citizen and the public administration, when they are concluded on a negotiated basis.

The sources and the interpretation of the rules of private law, from the Constitution to the Civil Code to special laws constitute, the backbone of the volume, which is enriched with a panorama of emblematic cases decided by the courts and extends to consider the new dimensions of the person, understood in its quality of consumer and saver.

In addition to the traditional institutes, property, contract, and civil liability, the book-which is not assimilated to a manual, but constitutes a sort of critical introduction to it-also addresses the new topics , such as the market and fundamental rights, the functioning of the machinery of justice, and the role of the “actors” of private law, the legislator, the judge, the lawyer, but also institutions such as independent administrative authorities.


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Guido Alpa, lawyer since 1974, is Professor Emeritus of Civil Law, La Sapienza University of Rome and he is President Emeritus of the Italian Bar Association. He is the author of several monographs on civil liability, consumer law and European private law. He is editor of the journal “Contratto e impresa” (Padua), and of journal “Nuova giurisprudenza civile commentata” (Padua). He is co-editor of the journals “European Business Law Review “ (Milano).




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