To Marianeve

Fairy tales, smiles, wolves and princessess

Texts by Nonna Lela
Pictures by Fabio Leonardi

ISBN: 978-88-6995-640-9
Caratteristiche: 2017 • 20x20 cm • 48 pages • 30 pics • paperback
Collana: Piccola narrativa
Nr. nella collana: 4

Volume 12,00 10,20


Every year, on Christmas morning, Marianeve found a special gift under the tree: a fairy tale inspired by her games. Written just for her by her Grandma Lela.

Here are seven stories, populated by farm animals, princesses with their beautiful clothes, funny characters and hats, animated by beautiful, cheerful and colourful drawings. Every fairy tale was a personal and unique moment in which grandma and grandchild could meet.

Even Marianeve’s friends loved to hear them being told and it is precisely with this perspective that these stories are now published, so that they bring some of that happiness to everyone.


Download and red the story “Cleo the cat”.


The proceeds of the book will be used to finance the project “Il sorriso di Marianeve”, for the construction of a kindergarten in Wassera, in the south of Ethiopia, promoted by the GMA-Gruppo Missioni Africa Onlus. This project and this little book intends to be a concrete sign of hope so that Marianeve’s wonderful smile returns to shine on the faces of many African children who will have a place where they can learn to count, read and write.

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