Rose code

The Magical Ripple Effect

Giuseppe Meucci

ISBN: 978-88-6315-546-4
Caratteristiche: 2013 • 15x21 cm • 120 pages • softcover
Collana: Scienze sociali

Volume 18,00


Rose Code - The Magical Ripple EffectWritten in order to document a major innovation, implemented to safeguard socially vulnerable groups likely to experience violent episodes, this book, thanks to its “journalistic” and flowing style, is accessible to a wider audience than professionals only.

A first narrative part describes the birth of the Rose Code and of the related Interinstitutional Task Force; then, the “protagonists” surface from the stories – particularly tragic because real – and they are not only victims and attackers but also the healthcare operators, detectives and magistrates who gave rise to this wonderful project.

The second, more technical, part is an essential tool for those in the frontline. Priceless awareness device, the Rose Code aims – through a “magical ripple effect” – at exposing a too widespread phenomenon of our society, still tragically hidden behind a veil of darkness.

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