Pisa Itineraries

A new guide to the city

Luca Bertini

ISBN: 978-88-6995-016-2
Caratteristiche: 2016 • 14x24 cm • 216 pages • over 300 pics • paperback
Collana: Itinerari

Volume 8,90


«… Basically I have tried, often in vain, to find a guide with a soul as well as an acceptable degree of accuracy. Thus, being born in this city and knowing its ways and its history, I wished to give Pisa a token of love, to share with visitors the essence of my impressions; impressions, perhaps, not always in tune with the official critics but certainly more authentic, because of my daily and personal relationship with the history and monuments of the city and even with the materials it’s made of.

So much so that I’m in sometimes found chatting with very ancient stones, carefully looking around me, fearing that people might worry for my premature mental decline, while it is only of a mere act of affection… and I’m sure that the feelings that I experience in some beautiful corners of the city can be offered in a more or less objective way to all those who have not yet lost the joy of curiosity and discovery of beauty”.».
Luca Bertini

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