Little darkness

Sara Franci (texts and drawings)< br/>Serena Giuliani (translation)

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2019 • 20x20 cm • 36 pages • 34 drawings • paperback
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Fear of darkness is faced starting from a simple question: «You are afraid of everything since it appears diverse… But have you ever thought about darkness in the universe?»

Thus, through joyful and coloured drawings, where even lyrics take a creative shape harmoniously becoming one with illustration, children and, why not, also adults, are asked to reflect on the fact that in the universe the notion of darkness does not exist.

There are stars, planets and many forms of life that make it special and, thanks to imagination, this wonderful world can be reproduced even in a child’s bedroom.


Sara Franci was born in Florence in 1983 where she still lives and works. Graduated in Communication and volleyball for over 20 years, since she was a child she shows a disproportionate love for reading, writing illustrated stories and above all for drawing, which she has always dedicated to in every free moment. Wife and mother, she loves to combine drawing and short writing, with the main purpose of divulging true messages of love. In fact, in his illustrations there is always the theme of love that overcomes fear and that everything can make it happen. This is his first children’s book, for which he created projects, texts and illustrations.


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