Jardim Filhos da Terra

Corinna Del Bianco

ISBN: 978-88-6315-657-7
Caratteristiche: 2014 • 15x21 cm • 216 pagine • 150 immagini • brossura con bandelle
Collana: Architettura

Volume 22,00


Jardim Filhos da TerraSlums are no more just a temporary solution to the need of housing, nowadays they became a constitutive part of the city system. The phenomenom of informality, seen as an answer to the need of a house, in an exponential growing economy and city, has always been present and architects and planners widely studied it in the history of architecture and of the city.

The research purpose is to treat informal settlements with the same respect and tools used for the analysis of the formal urban fabric, considering the slum as constitutive part of the contemporary urban organism.

In São Paulo, Brazil, where the phenomenom is extensively diffused, Municipality has invested and is still investing in  research on informality, trying to integrate it within the urban fabric.
The object of the study is a block within the favela Guapira II, located in the Northern region of São Paulo. The area is called by its inhabitants Jardim Filhos da Terra.

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