Hagiographica coreana – volume III

Acta Processus in Causa Beatificationis Martyrum in Corea (1839-1846)
Acts of the beatification process of the Korean martyrs

Ahn Jaewon (edit)

ISBN: 978-88-6995-358-3
Caratteristiche: 2017 • 14,4x22,3 cm • 144 pages • paperback with flaps
Collana: Hagiographica coreana
Nr. nella collana: 3

Volume 16,00 13,60


This is the third volume of Hagiographica Coreana (HC 3), the first critical edition of the Acts of the Canonization Process of the Korean martyrs 1839-1846, based on manuscripts in French and Latin now preserved at the Archivio Segreto Vaticano and, from this volume on, the original Korean Version newly found and published by the “Suwon Research Institute of Catholic Church History”.

Every testimony is a narrative of personal tragedies (arrests, tortures, executions, but also firmness of the judges against warders’ abuses) that opens a window onto social landscapes of the XIX century Corea. In this way the collection of the witnesses’ depositions creates an imposing fresco of the drama of conflicting cultures, religions and growing faith, and offers an intriguing page of history to readers of the twenty first century.

The editor Ahn, Jaewon, after Classical Studies at the Göttingen University, is now Research Professor of HK Civilization Research Project at the Institute of Humanities in Seoul National University. He edited Alexandri de figuris sententiarum et verborum (2004) and, in 2006, a Korean translation of the Partitiones Oratoriae of Cicero with critical apparatus and scholarly commentary and Suetonius’ De Grammaticis Romanorum (2013). He has also published many articles, including some comparative studies between East and West cultures (such as «A Comparative Research on Cicero’s orator perfectus and Confucius’ rex perfectus », Papers on Rhetoric 11, Bologna, 2010). He edited Hagiographica Coreana 2 (2012) and wrote Rediscovery of Humanities (2014) in Korea.


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