Florentine Cycling Routes

19+1 itineraries for racing bikes

Matteo Pierattini

ISBN: 978-88-6315-519-8
Caratteristiche: 2013 • 15x21 cm • 96 pages • 120 pics • softcover

Volume 14,00 11,20


Florentine cycling routesThe area surrounding Florence lends itself perfectly for cycling, competitive as well as for leisure: rolling or rugged hills, plains, gentle or harsh mountains and terrible climbs create a perfect open-air cycling gym, which contains, within pedal distance, an extraordinary variety of “terrains” for training and competition.

This is a natural home to cycling and always has been: just think of the great champions like Gino Bartali, Fiorenzo Magni, Gastone Nencini who were born and have trained for years on these roads. But that is not all; from Florence it is possible to reach unique places in a short time, enriching the rides with breath-taking views and masterpieces of art and architecture.

In this guide, nineteen road cycling routes that pass through four distinct geographical areas, which are located around the capital of Tuscany: Chianti, Mugello, the Florentine Mountains, Montalbano and Val di Pesa are presented and described.

Each itinerary also includes planimetries and elevation graphics, designed for a rapid, safe and easy un-derstanding of the route, both while planning as during the tour itself. The size of the booklet is designed to adapt to the back pockets of your cycling clothes, for easy transport and real-time consultation.

The book is available in Italian version too. Click here.