Discovering Florence

Annalisa Innocenti
Illustrated by Sara Franci
Translated by Costanza Lopez

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2022 • 16,5x21 cm • 96 pagine • 45 immagini • brossura
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Telling the story of Florence to children and teenagers is not an easy task: it is a large and majestic city renowned all over the world, sitting at the forefront of the history of civilisation.

Between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the city saw the birth of actual geniuses who shook up literature, art, and architecture with their artworks.

With a short journey through time, this book aims to tell the main facts that have contributed to making Florence famous which, with its artistic and architectural treasures, attracts many tourists every year.

This illustrated book tells the story in a flowing and fun way, albeit still rigorous from a historical point of view, and it is accompanied by beautiful colorful drawings that make the reading experience pleasant to children, but not limited to.


See the Italian version «Ti presento Firenze».



Annalisa Innocenti

Annalisa Innocenti was born in Florence where she lives and works as an art historian. During her career in public and private institutions she had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the rich historical and artistic heritage of the city and the whole territory. She has also been involved in educational activities by combining in-class lessons and guided tours, with the aim of inciting the natural curiosity of children. She contributed to the organisation of conferences, study days and exhibitions. She wrote essays for trade journals and art exhibition catalogues.

Sara Franci

Sara Franci was born in Florence where she lives and works as an author and illustrator. Ever since she was a little girl, she has always shown a deep passion for reading, writing and above all drawing. Her motto is “we are made of stories and magic” and she believes that stories can teach life lessons. Since becoming a mother (Luna and Gaia are her daughters’ names), she has been mainly focusing on works for children and teenagers, even though she loves to say that her art is for everyone. She creates and participates in workshops for children in collaboration with schools and local libraries. She has also been collaborating with the Meyer Children’s Hospital, for which she made a beautiful mural in 2022. She wrote I tuoi sogni sono stelle (2020) and Piccolo Buio (2018), as well as making the illustrations. She also worked on the drawings in Ettore e il labirinto del vegotauro (2021), Favole (2021), Sandrino e i tre piccoli gnomi (2020), Non sai chi è Petronia? (2020), Ti presento Firenze (2022), Ti presento Siena (2022) and Discovering Siena (2023).

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