Consonant gemination in first and second language acquisition

Lidia Costamagna and Chiara Celata (edited by)

Volume 18,00


Informazioni tecniche

2014 • 17x24 cm • 168 pagine • brossura


Consonant gemination in firse and second language acquisitionConsonant gemination is a relatively infrequent feature in world phonologies, and an area of evident uncertainty in the pronunciation of language learners. The presence of geminate consonants is correlated with several other rhythmic and prosodic characteristics of the language. It is therefore particularly important to understand the complex mechanisms by which gemination progressively makes room for itself in the development of the speakers’ phonological competence.

This volume collects six contributions that deal with how children and adults acquire geminate consonants of Italian, Wolof, Finnish, Japanese and Hebrew.  It is of interest to phonologists, phoneticians, psycholinguists, scholars working in the field of pronunciation teaching, speech pathologists, as well as to technological and forensic applications of speech research.

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