An illustrated history of Siena

Giuliano Catoni, Gabriella Piccinni

ISBN: 978-88-7781-984-0
Caratteristiche: 2008 • 16,5x21 cm • 200 pages • 180 pics • softcover

Volume 30,00 25,50


A tough and ambitious task: the Illustrated history of Siena outlines the historical, artistic and “human” journey of one of Italy’s most loved cities, the magnifi – cent Siena, a miniature gem which enriches and characterizes the hills of Tuscany. At times Giuliano Catoni’s style is clear and careful, when he gives us the straight historical facts, and other times insistent and absorbing, when he outlines the stormy and eventful origins of Siena, the Roman era, the fl ourishing Communal period, the confl ict between the Guelphs and Ghibellines which tore the city apart, and, after the short period of the Seigniory, up to and including the present day.

Gabriella Piccinni takes up the narration in order to give an accurate picture of particular aspects of the fascinating history of Siena, with her original and incisive analysis. She retraces the history of the icon of the she-wolf linking Siena and Rome, of the city walls, of the road which the city grew up on, and of its colours, taking the reader through interesting digressions, supplemented with appropriate pictures. These same images have the very important task not only of regaling the reader with delightful photographs, created specially for this volume, but also of guiding them along a literary journey to discover a different and original interpretation of history, through art. Thus the artistic heritage of Siena becomes an irreplaceable element of the narration itself.

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