An Illustrated History of Florence

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Franco Cardini

ISBN: 978-88-7781-915-4
Caratteristiche: 2007 • 16,5x21 cm • 296 pages • over 300 pcs. • paperback with flaps
Collana: Storie Illustrate
Nr. nella collana: 4

Volume 28,00 23,80


This book gives us the opportunity to enrich our knowledge of Florence, one of the most beautiful and famous cities the world over, together with its centuries-old history. The text, fascinating and eloquent, and the images, evocative and unusual, take the reader on a sensational journey throughout the history of Florence. The result is a real gem, which sparkles in all its splendour.

Beginning from its origins, the author outlines the period of the florentina libertas, then the golden age of the principality of the Medici and of the Hapsburg-Lorraine, and finally reaches the Florence of the XX century with its difficulties and crisis, but also with its creative energy and its tireless desire to renew.

Franco Cardini teaches Medieval History at the University of Florence. He has written many books, essays, biographies and novels, and is also considered one of the most important Italian historians. In his works he has always combined scientific rigour and historical criticism together with an unusual aptitude in interpreting the characters from the past, and in giving us unique and vivid portraits of past life.

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