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In memory of Mario Serio

In memory of Mario Serio

Gianni Forti, Alessandro Peri

ISBN: 978-88-6315-631-7
Caratteristiche: 2013 • 21x29,7 cm • 144 pages • 20 images • softcover
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In memory of Mario SerioThis book is dedicated to the memory of Mario Serio, Professor Emeritus of Endocrinology at the University of Florence, who passed away in a tragic accident three years ago.

Mario Serio was the founder of the Florentine Schools of Andrology and Endocrinology, two of the most important schools in these fields in Italy and well known all over the world.

To remember him we decided to collect among his co-workers brief reports dealing with their scientific activity and the influence and help that Mario’s ideas had in promoting and improving their research work.

Accordingly, the book shows the very many research fields and new techniques that Mario promoted in the lab by fostering and introducing large numbers of students, fellows, and young colleagues to medical research.

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