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A nose-high Tower

A nose-high Tower

Stefano Giraldi e Massimo Cavezzali

ISBN: 978-88-6315-774-1
Caratteristiche: 2014 • 15x15 cm • 32 pages • 30 pics • paperback binding
Book   € 4,00
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A nose-high TowerThe Authors give us this little and delicious history which freely and ironically tells real events of the famous Leaning Tower, combines two characters such as the architect Bonanno from Pisa, the builder, and Pinocchio, the Tuscan puppet. Bonanno thus becomes “Bonocchio” (which sound like “good-eye”) and the assistant Guglielmo becomes “Guglièlmolo” from Lucignolo (Candlewick), Pinocchio’s friend.

This is a play on two masterpieces, one from architecture and the other from literature, with a brief anachronistic appearance of Vasari, the builder of the Uffizi in Florence (he will be born only 400 years later).

A homage from two artists to the artistic beauties of lovely Italy.


The book is also available in Italian.


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